Jan 8, 2010

Pre-employment requirements

This week was the start of my hectic schedule.   I was up by 4 am, cooked breakfast, prepared my daughter's lunch pack for school, double-checked her notebooks and books in her trolley bag, woke up her dad so he could send Bianca to school, yadi-yada.   It was only after my daughter has left did I have the time to eat breakfast and hit the road to process my pre-employment requirements - complete medical exam, NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) clearance, community tax certificate, Mayor's Permit, ID pictures (1x1 and 2x2), among others.

The medical exam went well and was done after an hour or so.   Then I headed off to Quezon City Hall to get a Mayor's Permit.  I got there before noontime but lo and behold!   Throngs of people were jampacked in long, snaky queues to get cedula, NBI clearance, police clearance, business permit, and mayor's permit.  It's after all a common scenario during the month of January.

I figured it was impossible for me to finish everything I needed to do in just one day there.  Then somebody approached me and said he could get my NBI renewed in just 30 minutes because he has insider connections.  His asking price for convenience and short waiting period was P350 aside from the NBI renewal fee which was P115.  Darn.   No wonder why the long queues seemed at a halt, there were fixers in the area.   That's too bad for those who were waiting desperately in line despite the acid in their stomach.  They couldn't even leave for lunch or else somebody else would take their place and they'd have to go back to the bottom of the queue again.

I decided to get my NBI renewed in Riverbanks Center, Marikina instead where there were much lesser transactions.  I also got my community tax certificate in no time (nor sweat) through our own Barangay Hall.   The next day, I went back to Quezon City Hall for the Mayor's Permit, ready with the two required documents - cedula and NBI clearance.   The queue was still long and snaky but I was done in an hour.  The process was fast despite the huge throngs of people (I encountered no fixers here, unlike in NBI at the other building).

Another week has passed.  Next week faces more challenges - it's the start of my work week. 


Ebie said...

Hi Rochelle, Happy New Year and good luck with your new job. I have read through your posts about the Am B & C Companies. I guess I have gone for a long time and I did not realize all the requirements especially getting a business permit, just to get a job. I just have a laugh about the fixers!
Once again, good luck!

Mom Says said...

Hi, Ebie! Thanks for visiting here. Actually the queues were long because employees and new-hires had to get a mayor's permit while the business owners had to renew their business permits, building permits, etc. Sabay-sabay kesyo nga January, renewal month. Kaya ayun,mukhang may rally sa city hall sa dami ng tao.=)

Regards! Hope you'll keep comin' back here. *hugs*

betchai said...

good luck in your new job, rochelle. it is sad to know our system still allows fixers to exist, which is very sad.

David DeWall said...

Hi Rochelle, Wow! Didn't know you had to get all that paperwork for your new job! That's amazing! I remember my Sainted Patient Wife telling me of all the long lines she had to stand in almost all day for some of her paperwork to get to the United States years ago. Good story!

Maria @ Conversations with Moms said...

Wow! Didn't know that all that paperwork was required. Funny how people find any way to make extra money.

4 a.m is pretty early to wake up. I guess I cannot complain any more when I wake up at 5:30.

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