Jan 9, 2010

Last Friday I went to see my former employer to get my certificate of employment.   Due to the devastation caused by Typhoon Ondoy last September, my former boss opted to relocate the office in a more-elevated city and is far from our place so I didn't have a choice but to stop working then.  I also asked my former boss to stand as my character reference for my new employer and to my delight, he wrote a heart-warming feedback about me.  And much to my surprise, his mom handed me a shower cream gift set from Body Shop. A perfect pair to the Body Shop foot products I also got from a college friend (who was also my immediate superior back in radio) during the Holidays.   I've been wanting to buy these items for the longest time but they just wouldn't fit my budget. 

Even when I was still working with them, my employer's family has always been nice to me to the point of sending me food when I got sick.  They had the guard deliver food to our house, complete with fruits, oatmeal cookies, rice, and viand when I failed to go to work due to illness.  On my birthday, they cooked bihon for me and believe me, that bihon was our saving grace when we had no other food to eat at the rooftop during that Ondoy-fated day, the day after my birthday.   Even though my former employer and his family lost so much from Ondoy, they still continue to be a blessing for others.

I believe there really are angels among us.  And my former employer's family is one flock of them.


Gene said...

Wow! I can't believe those kind of employers still exist. It's nice working on a company that treats their employees as an extended family. They'll surely succeed with their kindness.

betchai said...

Oh Rochelle, thanks for sharing this story, it is so inspiring to know there are still employers who are as kind and thoughtful as them.

Maria @ Conversations with Moms said...

That is really amazing and rare. These kinds of employers should be praised and thanks to people like you, they are.

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